Why I Started Biokinemetrics
And ChiroSight

About Us

We’re a US-based technology company that recognizes that there are certain business management principles that are often overlooked. Technology for technology’s sake—does not work. We believe…

  • Technology should be designed to help health care providers improve the efficiency of their clinical and business practices.
  • Technology should solve our clients’ problems, or give them unique advantages that they are not getting otherwise.
  • Technology needs to be ‘applicable’; that is, it needs to solve specific problems or create specific opportunities within their specific profession.

The support, education, and services a company provides can enhance the success of that equipment and software, much beyond what traditional manufacturers and vendors offer. We are a partner in your technology arena.

Biokinemetrics staff is happy to help
We’re here for you. Our people are committed to listening and dedicated to helping you enhance the application of your technology.